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What to share and how

Published onFeb 02, 2022
What to share and how

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Overview of the state of problems, solutions, and grants

  • share understanding of the state of the field in major topical areas, independent of any particular grantor

    • visualizations (and related tools for mapping, clustering)

    • summaries of past, present, future calls for proposals

    • summaries of grants made, proposals still looking for support, available excess capacity

  • share essays from each partner (short post from JM about PDC)

    • This is really about helping applicants solve problems in their context — testimonies of beneficiaries from such data sharing

  • share an index of potential systemic biases (& visualizations to gauge it)

Sharing data itself

  • Share data & collections of it

  • building a shared index of cool things (i4-style)

    • datasets

    • scripts

    • projects (w/ their own sets of the above)

  • share scripts used in working w/ data

  • share datasets themselves

  • checklist of things to check for sharing (this doc)

    • do you have a mix of public/private data in one dataset? split it out!

  • clustering via exec summary — often already anonymized

  • share governance models for data that is contributed or exchanged,

  • share good practices + training

    • data-anonymization and analysis (N3C examples @ member universities)

    • attribution, linking, + rich metadata

    • norms for establishing trust with applicants -- follow on support, discovery, no serious cases of reputation loss or damage

    • The Need of a Training School in Applied Philanthropy

  • Share people + orgs to add to the network

    • RWJF has their own grants mgmt system - can experiment freely

    • People who reach out and want to help [via code + other workshops?]

Questions to answer

— How can current project leads / grant-seekers publish their proposals
— How can grantors archive calls or campaigns (w/ proposals + reviews)
— How can current grant-data silos migrate to long-term archives or libraries

Potential commons to include

  • Wellcome modeling

  • GivingTuesday Data Commons

  • PEAK

  • COVID Philanthropy Commons

  • Global Innovation Exchange

  • Government grant pools: NIH, NSF, UK, EU

  • P2P grant pools (a particular source of proposals)

Potential standards and tools to include

  • Common Grant Application project

  • Common Data framework? [Jim M],

  • Technology Association Group infrastructure project

  • ML model hubs: Kaggle search results?

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