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Guidelines to Submit a Publication

Contribute to the open knowledge of open grants commons by following some of these simple rules

Published onJul 14, 2021
Guidelines to Submit a Publication

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Some uses of this community space:

  • Publish an essay: Describe a work in progress, or publish a manifesto

  • Publish a dataset: Describe a dataset you have published, including its contents, construction, and mappings to common vocabularies.

  • Publish a schema: Share the sets of fields or questions you use in proposals or their evaluation, and any maps from them to other common schemas

  • Summarize a data repository: Describe a repository that you want to archive or move to a more permanent host

Proposals and drafts

A national grants cohort collaborative? (the case of N3C)

Compare the founding + uses of N3C to the current grantmaking environment: using a data trust and attention to reproducible analyses

Developing shared infrastructure for grants

Input from: TAG Digital Infrastructure, IOI, …

An atlas of visualizations

Visualizing large networks:
- Map of Science, Atlas of Science
- Map of altruism (Klavans)

Each viz could have a section in an atlas, w/ a small templated writeup: code/context; what it’s good for

Literature Review

A global lit review, contribute to by each working group, to identify current projects + challenges.

As part of this, a community+audience review: who + what are missing? This project was started by a fairly well-interconnected group w/ similar backgrounds. Build the review by expanding the circle of both focus and participation.

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