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Guidelines to Submit a Publication

Contribute to the open knowledge of open grants commons by following some of these simple rules

Published onJul 14, 2021
Guidelines to Submit a Publication

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You can start a draft here by creating an account and starting a new draft with the “Create Pub” link in the topmost menu. It will be available to other members for comment. Then reach out to community members for feedback, or submit it for publication.

New essays and overviews welcome

Some suitable topics to publish here:

  • Publish an essay: Describe a work in progress, or publish a manifesto

  • Publish a dataset: Describe a dataset you have published, including its contents, construction, and mappings to common vocabularies.

  • Publish a schema: Share the sets of fields or questions you use in proposals or their evaluation, and any maps from them to other common schemas

  • Summarize a data repository: Describe a repository you maintain or use

Proposals and drafts

A national grants cohort collaborative? (the case of N3C)

Compare the founding + uses of N3C to the current grantmaking environment: using a data trust and attention to reproducible analyses

Developing shared infrastructure for grants

Input from: TAG Infrastructure, 360Giving the Philanthropy Data Commons
Parallels: IOI, the Wellcome data collections

An atlas of visualizations

Visualizing large networks:
- Map of Science, Atlas of Science
- Map of altruism (Klavans)

Each viz could have a section in an atlas, w/ a small templated writeup: code/context; what it’s good for

Literature Review

A global lit review, contribute to by each working group, to identify current projects + challenges.

As part of this, a community+audience review: who + what are missing? This project was started by a fairly well-interconnected group w/ similar backgrounds. Build the review by expanding the circle of both focus and participation.

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