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Rough notes, July 14

Published onJul 14, 2021
Rough notes, July 14


We want to publish motivating essays about building and strengthening this commons: why it matters, why we care, how to give feedback, join, or work in parallel.

Existing writing

  • Karl on sharing reviews + matching them with new grantors

  • Jim McGowan on including NGOs (as grantors and grantees?)

  • Motivating essay: why it matters, why you should care, give feedback, join, or work in parallel

New essays / new projects

  • Dataset papers: publish a dataset + describe its construction and uses

  • Submission guide: include something like data-publishing guidance

  • John on a common application / comments from past approaches

Collections vs issues

  • Pages that build over time around a topic: a stream of essays, proposals, and reviews relate to the topoic. Current events + historical overviews.

Sharing data

At MIT: MIT Dataverse; DSpace; ask Amy Nurnberger
At the Harvard Open Dataverse (free for any/all MIT projects)

  • Covid Philanthropy Commons: retrospective article

  • Candid Solutions Bank

  • TAG:


  • Work in the Google doc from the meeting:

    for each top level section; have people Identify which section they wanted to work on ; make each section a public essay describing where things stand and what is needed and who to ask; start with what we know now; then bard raise

  • Lead off with discussion about how we stay in touch; regular meetings led by volunteer hosts; pub community for essays; mailing list;

  • Offer to accept data, indicate how we’re thinking about this.

Focus projects:

  • Maintain data

  • Run journal community / publish dataset papers + work-in-progress essays

    • What we have done, what should be done, what are the problems with it

Perennial reflection: Who is missing?

  • Start a separate doc for this: different cross-cutting dimensions to review

    • networks (ngos, government, local networks?),

    • regions + local communities,

    • communities of topic + practice,

    • scales (transnat, local)

    • demography (background, ses)

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