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Philanthrobotics Scrapbook: Musings and Notes

Published onJan 10, 2022
Philanthrobotics Scrapbook: Musings and Notes

Editable draft — unused fragments, not yet migrated to Open Learning landing page


Founding network: MIT Open Learning, Knowledge Futures Group, Lever for Change (w/Spencer), MIT Solve (w/Pooja)

Support from: MIT Media Lab, Code for Science & Society, MacArthur

Motivation: Intro from past meetings

Links to related pages: Grant Commons on PubPub | page on Lever for Change

Planned outputs

Open grants graph

Catalog of programs (CfPs), projects (applicants), + proposals (grant docs)
Graph of proposals as linked data (citation graph, co-author graph, metadata)
Common visualizations as queries against the (live) graph

Compare: Bold solutions network (125), InnovationXchange (5000), NIH

Top level visuals: adopt Open Syllabus topic embedding

Visualization services

Example queries, visualizations to communicate the results
Queries for understanding current grants graph

  • Neo4J + BI + Tableau options

  • Catalog of potential views (existing doc)

    • Ways to submit new query descriptions

Topical focus areas

Mental wellness

SOLVE 2017 - Essay | Macarthur 2008 | Lever : Lone Star Prize 2021
MIT faculty: Teen + young adult wellness (Gabrieli)

Science of science, meta-philanthropy, + forecasting
* Ike Chuang - set up a call w/ JWW? [chat w.o. 11/8]

Help Lever create a Subject Guide for this?


Economic development

Related work

Common Grant Application

Coalition led by John Mohr @ MacArthur is designing a CGA. Each effort like this is a chance to integrate public data hooks into a broad network of grant pipelines, at the proposal stage. [w/o having to ask each grantor in turn for a private data collaboration]

Update w/ specific data schemas all are encouraged to make public; and the mechanism for noting willingness to share.

Partnerships with other catalogs

  • R4D - Global Innovations Exchange | 7500 international proposals

  • Candid - internal datasets

  • OGrants - HTML

  • RIO Journal - site ; any proposal-specific dumps?

  • Wellcome - link into some of Antonio’s work

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