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Identifiers for Grants

Published onOct 15, 2021
Identifiers for Grants

Elements of grants that need identifiers:

  • Entities

    • Applicants (a personal ID to complement ORCID)

    • Organizations (to complement OpenCorporates? use Wikidata QID)

    • Funders (see what Candid does. use Wikidata QID)

    • CfPs (??)

    • Proposals (see what Candid does; use DOI? via RIO journal, [Ex])

    • Projects (funded by proposals. ??)

    • Topics (check MAG / S2 topic IDs)

    • Countries / geo-regions (use Wikidata QID)

    • Datasets (use DOI)

  • Properties

    • Proposal metadata

    • Org metadata

    • Funder metadata

OpenGrants approach

  • Set up our own Wikibase, for internal IDs for all entities/properties we use

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